We have a vast range of services available for all types of vehicles and trailers.

Ais/Auvis/gas: Qualified to carry out REGO inspections on all cars, trailers (under 2 ton) and small trucks including those on GAS. Qualified to carry out BLUE  SLIPS on all vehicle listed in regos

Log book Servicing: for complete log book services on all makes and models. Using quality parts, latest lubricants, registered workshop and licensed mechanics your new car warranty is not voided.

Brake Servicing: from the simple pad replacement to an upgrade kit, we can handle the lot. In house brake machining means a quicker job and quality of the job is better controlled.

Timing Belt Replacement:  with years of mechanical experience you can bet we have done one or two timing belts in my time. A specialty of ours, we love to get into the guts of the motor to prevent damage from an unchanged timing belt.

Head Gasket Replacement: Our motto here is to do it once and do it right. Simply replacing the gasket here is a false sense of security. Things like cooling system efficiency must be considered, replacing serviceable parts like spark plugs etc.

Contact us for anything else not here (space is a premium) on 02 4352 2044